Clothing Care

Tips for washing cotton: Take care of your clothes and prolong their life

On our website, we provide you with valuable advice for the proper care of your cotton garments. Cotton is a soft and durable fabric, but it requires certain care to keep it in optimal condition for longer. Follow these steps before, during and after washing to ensure the longevity of your clothes:

1. Before using the washing machine:

* Separate white cotton garments from colored ones. This will prevent the colors from transferring and maintain its original appearance.
* If you notice noticeable stains, pre-wash to treat them before the main load. This will prevent stains from setting in deeper and save you time in washing later.

1. While using the washing machine:

* Use mild or neutral detergents. Harsh detergents can fade colors and deteriorate cotton fibers with each wash.
* Although cotton can be washed with hot or cold water, it is recommended to use cold water. High temperatures can cause fading and shrinking of garments.
* Use gentle wash cycles, such as the delicate cycle, when the clothes are not too dirty. Frequent and vigorous washing can weaken the cotton fibers and cause them to lose strength.
* Whenever possible, consider washing your cotton garments by hand. Hand washing allows for more precise control over the process and reduces the friction and wear that occurs in the washing machine.

1. To dry cotton garments:

* Avoid using the dryer, since if it is not used at a low temperature, it can shrink the clothes. It is best to avoid it completely to prevent damage.
* Choose to hang cotton garments in a cool place protected from direct sunlight. Prolonged sun exposure can weaken fibers and damage clothing over time.

1. Ironing cotton garments:

* It is recommended to iron cotton garments when they are slightly damp or using the steamer of the iron. This will make smoothing easier and avoid damaging the fibers.
* Make sure to set the temperature of the iron to a maximum of 160ºC to avoid burns or damage to the garments.

By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy your cotton garments for much longer. Remember that proper care helps maintain its original appearance and quality. Take care of your clothes and enjoy their softness and durability with each use! Whenever possible, consider hand washing for even more delicate and personalized care.