Kenshō by Boes Ann was born on a transformative journey, searching for a photography project that sparked a deep connection to the country and ignited Boes Ann's creative spark in the realm of fashion.

Inspired by the dazzling beauty of Tulum, this brand has been created for women who seek to feel comfortable, free and authentic without the need for ties to look beautiful and seductive.

Each piece of clothing created by Kenshō by Boes Ann is a work of art in itself. Inspired by the beauty and authenticity of the country that inspired her, Boes Ann combines her love of fashion with her ability to capture fleeting moments on camera.

The result is a timeless and distinctive collection that reflects the essence of that magical place.


Kenshō is a brand designed for unique women who value their own style and seek comfort without giving up feeling beautiful. We firmly believe that beauty goes beyond the clothes themselves.

Kenshō has been inspired by my lived experiences, especially in the trips that I learned about cultures and enriched myself on a personal and creative level.

It is because of this gratitude that we allocate a percentage of each sale made to the countries that contributed to my growth. Once a year, they will be able to witness how I travel to these places to donate the profits generated by that percentage. Together, we can make a positive impact and share moments of solidarity and growth.

Hello! I'm Anna

A woman passionate about travel and exploration, in constant search to discover who I am and learn from the diverse cultures that I encounter on my way.

Since I was very young, I have traveled the world with an open mind, always looking to expand my horizons and get away from my comfort zone. Interestingly, the further I get from the familiar, the more connected I feel to my true self.

It was during one of my trips that I discovered my passion for photography. I was fascinated by the tribes of other countries and their unique ways of life. At that moment, I decided to become a photographer and start sharing my art with the world. Through my photographs, I seek to capture the beauty and diversity of these communities, conveying the history and magic that I find in every corner.

Life presents us with unexpected challenges. In the midst of uncertainty, I made the decision to move to Tulum, Mexico, a place full of energy and where life takes a 180 degree turn in every aspect. It was in Tulum that I found my personal style, where the magic of the natural surroundings and the vibrant art community sparked my creativity in ways I had never experienced before.

Since I was little, I have always loved fashion and clothes. Inspired by all these years in Tulum, I decided to create my own clothing brand, Kenshō. Each piece of clothing that I design and produce is impregnated with the essence of my experiences and learning in this very special place. It makes me proud and fills me with happiness to be able to share my new life project with the world.

Kenshō represents more than a clothing brand. It is an expression of my personal journey, my search for authenticity and my love for the beauty that I find in every culture and landscape that I visit. Each Kenshō garment carries a unique story and is designed
to empower those who wear it, reminding them of the importance of exploring, discovering and embracing their true selves.

Welcome to my world, where photography, fashion and travel merge into an enriching experience. Join me on this journey and discover the magic that is hidden in every corner of the planet through my eyes and my creations.

I am excited to share my journey with you!